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Packages that use Color

Uses of Color in edu.byu.phun

Fields in edu.byu.phun declared as Color
static Color Color.BLACK
          Constant for black
static Color Color.BLUE
          Constant for blue
static Color Color.BROWN
          Constant for brown
static Color Color.DARK_BLUE
          Constant for dark blue
static Color Color.DARK_BROWN
          Constant for dark brown
static Color Color.DARK_GRAY
          Constant for dark gray
static Color Color.DARK_GREEN
          Constant for dark green
static Color Color.DARK_RED
          Constant for dark red
static Color Color.GRAY
          Constant for gray
static Color Color.GREEN
          Constant for green
static Color Color.LIGHT_BLUE
          Constant for light blue
static Color Color.LIGHT_BROWN
          Constant for light brown
static Color Color.LIGHT_GRAY
          Constant for light gray
static Color Color.LIGHT_GREEN
          Constant for light green
static Color Color.ORANGE
          Constant for orange
static Color Color.PINK
          Constant for pink
static Color Color.PURPLE
          Constant for purple
static Color Color.RED
          Constant for red.
static Color Color.WHITE
          Constant for white
static Color Color.YELLOW
          Constant for yellow

Methods in edu.byu.phun that return Color
 Color Win3D.getAmbientLight()
          This will return the current settings for ambient light.
 Color Win3D.getBackground()
          This will return the current background color of the object.
 Color Obj3D.getColor()
          This returns the color of the object.
 Color Win3D.getLightAColor()
          Returns the color of light A, one of the directional light sources.
 Color Win3D.getLightBColor()
          Returns the color of light B, one of the directional light sources.
 Color PropertyContainer.getPropertyC(java.lang.String name)
          This will get the value of a color property.

Methods in edu.byu.phun with parameters of type Color
 void Win3D.setAmbientLight(Color color)
          This will set the ambient light using a Color object.
 void Win3D.setBackground(Color color)
          This will set the background color for the 3D window.
 void Obj3D.setColor(Color newColor)
          Changes the color of the object.
 void Win3D.setLightAColor(Color color)
          This will set the color of one of the directional light sources.
 void Win3D.setLightBColor(Color color)
          This will set the color of one of the directional light sources.
 void PropertyContainer.setProperty(java.lang.String name, Color color)
          This will set the value of a Color property.

Uses of Color in edu.byu.phun.body

Methods in edu.byu.phun.body that return Color
 Color MaleBody.getEyeColor()
          Returns the current eye color
 Color Head.getEyeColor()
          Returns the color of the eyes.
 Color Eye.getEyeColor()
          Returns the color of the iris of the eye.
 Color MaleBody.getHairColor()
          Returns the hair color.
 Color Head.getHairColor()
          The hair color.
 Color Waist.getPantsColor()
          Returns the current pants color.
 Color MaleBody.getPantsColor()
          Returns the color of the pants.
 Color Leg.getPantsColor()
          Returns the color of the pants.
 Color Torso.getShirtColor()
          Returns the current shirt color.
 Color MaleBody.getShirtColor()
          Returns the color of the shirt.
 Color Arm.getShirtColor()
          Returns the current color of the shirt.
 Color Foot.getShoeColor()
          Returns the shoe color
 Color MaleBody.getSkinColor()
          Returns the skin color.
 Color LowerLeg.getSkinColor()
          Returns the current skin color.
 Color Leg.getSkinColor()
          Returns the color of the skin.
 Color Head.getSkinColor()
          Returns the current skin color.
 Color Hand.getSkinColor()
          Returns the skin color.
 Color ForeArm.getSkinColor()
          Returns the skin color.
 Color Arm.getSkinColor()
          Returns the color of the skin

Methods in edu.byu.phun.body with parameters of type Color
 void MaleBody.setEyeColor(Color color)
          Sets the color of the eyes.
 void Eye.setEyeColor(Color newColor)
          Sets the color of the iris of the.
 void MaleBody.setHairColor(Color color)
          Sets the color of the hair.
 void Head.setHairColor(Color color)
          Changes the color of the hair.
 void Waist.setPantsColor(Color color)
          Sets the pants color.
 void MaleBody.setPantsColor(Color color)
          Sets the color of the pants.
 void Leg.setPantsColor(Color color)
          Sets the color of the pants.
 void Torso.setShirtColor(Color color)
          Changes the shirt color.
 void MaleBody.setShirtColor(Color color)
          This will set the shirt color on the torso and arms.
 void Arm.setShirtColor(Color color)
          This changes the color of the sleeve.
 void Foot.setShoeColor(Color color)
          Changes the color of the shoe.
 void MaleBody.setSkinColor(Color color)
          This will set the skin color of all parts of the body.
 void LowerLeg.setSkinColor(Color color)
          Changes the skin color.
 void Leg.setSkinColor(Color color)
          Sets the skin color.
 void Head.setSkinColor(Color color)
          Sets the skin color of the face.
 void Hand.setSkinColor(Color color)
          Set the skin color.
 void ForeArm.setSkinColor(Color color)
          Change the skin color.
 void Arm.setSkinColor(Color color)
          This changes the color of the skin.