HTML assignments
HTML Assignments
This is a series of exercises to guide one through the process of learning HTML5, CSS and Javascript. These will not make you an expert, but they will get you to a point where you can rapidly prototype user interface designs and develop styles and behaviors.
The primary tutorial information is delivered through W3Schools, which is an online service for learning these concepts. Each of the assignments in this site will consist of:

A set of concepts to be mastered. Note that it is expected that you will fully understand the concepts in the section, not just get through. If you do not understand it will hurt you when you try to use these concepts in the class assignments.

A list of W3Schools tutorials. These tutorials will cover the necessary concepts with examples and an opportunity to try out the concepts to see how they work.

Exercises These are one or more problems for you to code up yourself. This will test how well you understand the concepts and are able to apply them the get a job done.

It is very important that you look ahead in the schedule. The HTML/CSS/JavaScript assignments will take more than a couple of hours if you are not already familiar with the material. You need to study ahead to learn the material and then attempt the exercises.

In the W3schools pages almost every page has one or more green "Try it Yourself" buttons. Use these frequently. It shows an example of the concept they are trying to teach, but also provides you with the ability to edit the example so that you can play with it to understand exactly how it works. Playing with the features is very important. Give yourself enough time to play with it an learn it.

submission of assignments
You do your assignments by creating web pages within your CS department account. (You may also use any other location that lets you publish web pages). Build the requested web pages and then submit the URL for the start of your assignment through Learning Suite.

If your CS account name is "kermit" then the URL for your personal website is "". In the file storage for your CS account is a folder called "public_html". Anything you put in this folder or its subfolders will be available through your personal website.

For example: if you created a file called "george.html" and put it in the folder "public_html/people" then that file could be reached by the URL ""