Basic HTML
Basic HTML
individual assignment
Simple text and the following HTML tags: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <p>, <a>, <img>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <strong>, <em>. These will give you enough to build a basic web page that can link to other pages and can embed images.

The easiest tool for editing HTML is Notepad++,which is free to download. For these exercises you can work in your local file system. Just create a folder to start building your web pages in.

Find to sports figures that interest you and find basic information about them as well as a picture. Create three web pages about these sports figures. The first page should look like the left-hand side of the picture below. The name and picture of each celebrity is shown. The pictures you find on the web will probably not be the right size, but you should learn how to set the size to the dimensions shown.

Clicking on one of the pictures should take you to another web page (one for each) that contains basic facts about the player (as shown below). On your second and third page make sure to match the bold and italic shown below.

If you are new to HTML and trying to learn, do not do this all at once. get little pieces working and go step by step so that you do not confuse yourself with too many things at once.