Open Project

Goal Description Hints Passoff

Due Date - proposal Mar 25- project Apr 13


Creatively do your own thing with the techniques we have learned.
CS 656

Create a project of your own choosing. This can be anything you want, but don't get too crazy because you want to actually finish. The project must be sensor based (like all of the projects in this course) and must include the recognition of at least 5 different gestures. It must have a specific user purpose even if you cannot implement the whole thing. You must implement enough to demonstrate that the interactive essentials work.


This is a maximum two page document that outlines what you are going to build, why it is cool (this may only indicate coolness rather than build the whole thing). How will we know it worked? What features/gestures will you use to make it work?

Also include a proposed point allocation for grading the project.

This is due Mar 27and will be approved or modified by the teacher.

Do what you said you would do



Start thinking about this early.

Talk to the instructor about possible ideas.


Points defined by your approved proposal