Graffiti recognizer

Goal Description Hints Passoff

Due Date - Feb 18


Use the Ink tool in program 1 and vector classifier techniques to build a Graffiti character recognizer to input text. Your ink tool can be used to create a training set for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter is its own file with multiple strokes in each file to use as training data for that letter. With the training set you should be able to create a classifier that converts ink strokes into letters.
 CS 656

Your program should have a text box and a drawing area. Any ink stroke in the drawing area should be recognized as a character input. This character should be added to the end of the text in the text box. Your program should recognize A through H of the symbols shown below.

If you coordinate file formats for ink with other people in the class then you can share training data. Do not share training data with people who do not contribute training data.
Each character will be tried 3 times by the TA. If the character is recognized within 3 tries 1 point is awarded. Total (8 letters ) 8 points.