These are videos of current and past interactive work

 Time Warp Football VideoTime Warp Football is an example of interactive television. This prototype allows football fans to skip forward and backward play by play rather than rewind or fast forward. It also allows the fan to choose the camera to be used when viewing a play. Instant replay is in the hands of the fan rather than the broadcast booth. TWF also provides game stats on demand rather than cluttering up the screen.
ICESheets VideoICESheets are spreadsheets that allow any cell to contain a complete spreadsheet. Functions can now return arbitrarily complex values rather than just strings or numbers. The result is a much more powerfull spreadsheet model that can do many things not possible in traditional spreadsheets.
Edge Aware Brushes VideoThese are brushes that "stay within the lines" while allowing the user artistic control over which lines are important and which are not. This video also shows the ability to brush various effects into an image while respecting the boundaries in a smooth and well behaved way.
Table-top Spilling of Handheld Computers VideoA technique for "spilling" the small screen of a hand-held computer on to a larger table surface and then navigating around the larger display with finger touches. For security reasons all normal interaction still occurs on the hand-held device. The sensing mechanism is a MERL DiamondTouch.
 Teaching Robots to Drive VideoThis uses a fast classifier training technique to teach a robot what is safe to drive on and what is unsafe. The vision system then helps the robot to avoid unsafe areas.
Screen Crayons VideoThis is a technique for taking notes of anything found on the screen. The notes include the visual context. There are also techniques for assembling and viewing many such notes.
Image Processing with Crayons VideoA demonstration of a system for developing image classifiers simply by drawing on example images.
Light Widgets VideoUsing multiple cameras new interactive controls can be drawn on any surface and then manipulated using bare hands.
 Query by Critique VideoA speech system for finding objects in a large list by critiquing attributes of objects that are presented to the user. Examples would be "lower price", "more bedrooms".
Laser Pointer Interaction videoDemonstrates various techniques for using laser pointers to interact with a screen displayed on the wall.