Storytelling and Sketching

 Why? Storytelling is fundamental to the design of user experiences. To tell stories rapidly you must be able to quickly sketch devices, people and hands. Those are the components of most user experience designs. Being able to rapidly create a series of pictures that communicate an experience is an essential skill
 Storytelling and UX Design This video introduces why storytelling is important to UX design. It also introduces the basic concepts of good storytelling and how those concepts translate into UX design.
 Pencil and Paper This video covers the basic tools for pencil and paper sketching and gives a short example on what is essential for telling a story.
Screens and Devices This video covers simple tricks for sketching screens, tablets, smartphones and laptops.
People This video covers the drawing of simple stick figures to capture mood, posture, and gestures. This also includes how sketch basic emotions.

This video covers simple drawing of hands. We need to point, grag and hold things, and show movement. People interact with their hands and we need simple ways to show that.