Wireframe Design
Wireframe Design
group assignment
To get user feedback on the structure of the proposed user interface and to produce preliminary wireframe designs for your user interface.
wireframe design
Using PowerPoint each of you individually should create a wireframe design for how your ultimate UI might look. These should be done independently. These are WIREFRAME designs with no color, shading, fonts etc. The goal is to work out the structure and the interaction flow for your proposed user interface.
group present
Unify all of your individual work into a single wireframe design. This design should be fully linked so that you can present it in class. Please focus on the structure and clicks required in your design. Do not worry about color or styling. Getting the functionality right so your users understand is the critical thing at this point.
Your slides that unify the individual work, design work and critique into
  • A fully linked wireframe design that you intend to use for your group project.

This does not need to be submitted.