User Problem Selection (Group)

 Goal Your group project is to design some kind of a teaching/learning tool for a BYU class that none of you have ever taken and is NOT in your major.

The goal of this assignment is to identify three such classes from which you will eventually choose one.

The challange over the semester will be to understand how people learn in your chosen class and how you can create a new technology that will help them learn. You need to learn how they learn.

Todo Identify possible classes that you might build a tool for. You should develop some idea as to why that class would be interesting in terms of tool development. We don't want boring projects like
  • A gradebook
  • A tool to manage TAs
  • A tool to submit homework

These are all boring and have been done many times. We would like you to identify three classes that have interesting learning problems that you could address with technology.

  • Who are these people?
  • What kinds of learning problems do you think they have that you might solve with a new learning technology?

Bring your slides to class for presentation via LearnSpace. Every group member should be prepared to discuss your choices.

For any of these to work as a group project you will need access to teachers, students and TAs. You should talk with the teachers about what you are trying to do and ask permission to contact students in their class (by email, by short request for volunteers in class, or by talking with them as the leave class).

You should have identified three specific classes in different areas.

Submit Based on the in-class critique, modify your slides and one of your team should submit them to LearningSuite
Grading This is not a graded assignment. Just submit for completion