individual assignment
Develop good communication skills through sketching and video.
topic selection
Select 2 of the 10 solutions that your group generated as part of the group assignment.
For each of the two solutions, generate 1 slide of the solution description, generate 3-10 slides that present a storyboard about the solution. (8-22 slides total). These should be your own sketches and not reuse of the sketches of team members. Submit your slides through LearningSuite
Use PowerPoint's "Record Slide Show" feature to convert one of your solutions into a video. This video should be approximately 3 minutes long and should have good story structure. Only use your sketches to tell the story. No photos.
  • Essential, interesting details and concepts
  • Characters and settings
  • Conflict (what is the problem)
  • Resolution (how is it solved)

Export this as a WMV video and submit to LearningSuite

  • Clear description of each solution
  • Clarity of the story presented for each solution. This is how well the story of the solution is communicated. Use labels and arrows where necessary to explain and to show action.
  • Clean, sharp drawings. Use the two hardnesses of pencil (hard to plan, soft to finish) to make nice clear drawings.
  • Good interesting video that flows well, is clearly narrated and meets the timing.