individual assignment
Demonstrate basic sketching techniques to capture the essence of a situation and to tell a story about how people interact with their computers. This is an individual exercise.
situation sketch

Do quick pencil and paper sketches of what the following people are doing.




One of the roles of sketching is to capture what you observe. Quickly sketch what these people are doing (not what you imagine they might be doing). The goal is to capture the behavior, not realistically render the people. If there are emotions present, do not forget to capture them in face and body posture.

Convert your pencil sketches to digital either by taking a picture of them with a phone or other camera or by scanning the picture on a scanner. Scanners can be found in 1106 TMCB.

Prepare a story board of 3-6 sketches that tell the story of how you got your sketches above into digital form.

Convert your story board sketches to digital form.

Put all of your sketches into a single PowerPoint file (sketches from the pictures on one slide, all storyboard sketchs together on a single slide) and submit through LearningSuite.
Do your sketches capture the essence of the interaction without extraneous detail?

Is the story clear from your storyboard? Did you capture the important points?