Peripheral Vision
Peripheral Vision
individual assignment
Learn a simple design technique for evaluating user interfaces to see how well they assist the periphery in finding things that are important.
Pick three websites and do a screen capture of their home page. For each website, write down 5 reasons why someone would come to this site. Try to identify their most important reasons. For each of the 5 reasons on each of the three websites, circle the most important place that someone with that goal should look on the page. Using PhotoShop, or some similar program create a blurred version of each screen capture using Gaussian blur of radius 15 and desaturating the image to gray. Using this blurred gray image identify the top 5 most interesting places to look based on the use of contrast and white space. Compare those locations with your original locations for your 5 reasons. Write 1/3 page single spaced (12 point) on each of the three websites describing your results and why you think it came out that way. Combine this into your Word document. For each of the three websites you should have:
  • Your list of 5 reasons to come to this website.
  • Your original captured image with the 5 target points circled. Label these with the reason associated with each circle.
  • Your blurred image with the 5 most interesting places (based on the contrast and spacing) circled. Be sure this is based on contrast and spacing and not just justification of what you want to see.
  • Your 1/3 page analysis of what the similarities and differences mean. This is not a vague report of your personal feelings about the site. Be specific about the similarities and differences and what these indicate.

Please organize each website seperately

Submit your report through LearningSuite.

Come to class prepared to share your images and interesting places analysis.

If you don't know how to capture images from the screen or how to blur and gray them in Photoshop, you will find a demo video here.

Most of you do not have Photoshop. The computers in 1106 TMCB have Photoshop installed and are available for your use.

This can also be done using Gimp if you want to install a free version