Feature generation
Feature Generation
group assignment
Convert the problem that you have chosen into a prioritized list of features that must be included in your solution.
problem selection
From your problem development, pick the problem that your group is going to pursue. This is probably one of your final three.
user community
Clearly define who the users are that will be served. There may be more than one group. Be very clear about everyone involved.
feature generation
Make a list of all of the things that your system must be able to do. These are not UI designs. There should be no pictures. A feature is a particular action that a user might take, not properties of the design. These are features like:
  • Add a student to the class
  • Delete a student from the class
  • Create a new course
  • Remove a course
  • Add an assignment to a course
  • Edit the description of a course
  • Set the grading scale for an assignment
  • Accept the upload of a student's assignment
  • Let instructor download student's assignment
  • Enter a grade for a student for a particular assignment
  • Enter a text note to justify the grade
  • Student views their grades
  • Instructor views a summary of all grades for a particular assignment
  • Student can post a question about a particular assignment
  • etc.

Your problem should be large enough to have more than 30 such features. Note that you will be designing and prototyping the UI, not implementing the entire system.

The purpose of this exercise is to form the basis for what specific items must be included in your designs as you move forward. Be very specific. These should not be general terms such as "manage a course."

Each of you should discuss your list of features with 2 potential users to understand the relative value of the varous features.

Prepare a presentation with no more than 7 slides that will:
  • Present the problem to be solved and why it is important
  • Clearly describe the user groups being served and their key characteristics
  • Present the set of features that your solution must have. Be prepared to justify those features from the inquiry previously done with users on this topic.
  • For each feature give basic user data such as "(5/10 requested this)".
Assign one of your group that has not given a presentation to make the presentation and another person to be critique scribe.
Your presentation slides. Take your feature set and add additional slides that have brief yet understandable descriptions of each feature. With the descriptions include the priorities that your users placed on these features and basic data about how many users wanted or rejected each feature.

One member of your group should submit the slide deck through LearningSuite