Group Solution Design (3)
Solution Design (3)
group assignment
Iteratively improve your solution through new idea generation and critique
Based on the previous critique and your own insights, prepare a final report of 4-5 pages single spaced that
  • Summarizes the key user observations (1 page)
  • Tells the story of how your solution will work (3 pages with sketches)
  • Show how your solution is grounded in the observations (1/2 page)
  • Describe what changes you made based on the critique (1/2 page)

To the end of these 4-5 pages add the 2 pages that you wrote for your idea generation.

Common mistakes in preparing this report:

  • Putting it off until the last minute and not putting in enough thought
  • Not making careful observations and not making notes. Careless observations will lead to shallow conclusions.
  • Not thinking deeply enough about the problem and your observations
  • Not taking notes in critique and then having shallow responses to the comments

One member of the group should submit this through LearningSuite

Good summary of the key observations.

Clear solution story.

Clear sketches that convey the solution story on their own.

Solid grounding in your observations, not your opinions.

Clear response to critique (You may reject critique comments but you still must explain why, based on observations)