Design Mockups
Design Mockups
group assignment
First cut at a full visual design. The idea is to get all of the layout, color, workflow and visual design issues worked out BEFORE you start implementing. There is no programming language that is good for expressing visual design. Much of bad UI design comes from programmers trying to design in code.
group preparation
Pick one of your wireframe designs or some variation of those designs that responds to the critique.

Decide on the set of widgets (buttons, scroll bars, text boxes, etc.) that your design will need and build a PowerPoint slide that has each of these designs.

Pick one of these looks and redo your wireframe design with the actual theme you have chosen. This should be a first cut at how your user interface will look and behave.

Prepare slides with your widget designs and your UI mockup for presentation in class.

In addition, prepare slides with each of your UI mockup slides annotated with the role, purpose, or behavior of every widget on every slide.

Submit all slides through LearningSuite.