Final Report
Final Report
individual and group assignment
To sum up everything that you learned of the course of the semester while designing and building the prototype.
final presentation
This will be a 20 minute presentation from the group (not necessarily one individual). This will be presented during the final exam time. Remember that 1 slide per minute is generally good timing except during demo times. This should be a clearly rehearsed professional presentation, not just "wing it with a few slides."

Your presentation should cover the following items:

  • Who did you serve?
  • Demo of what you built
  • Discussion of how you evaluated your prototype (who were the users? how many? what was your plan for the usability test? what were the results?)
  • Key concepts that you learned as a team from the entire design and prototype process.

There will be a 10 minute oral exam of the group after the presentation. Each member of the group should be prepared to answer questions about the presentation. Answers of "that was not my area" are not acceptable. You should all be prepared to answer questions on what you did and why you did it that way. Help each other prep for this by teaching each other what you did.

group submit
The URL of your working prototype (must work in FireFox)

Written summary of what does and does not work in your prototype

The slides from your presentation

3 page report on the details of your usability testing of the prototype. Clearly motivate the questions you wanted answers, why those questions were important, how you got user data to answer them, what were the conclusions, and how your conclusions are supported from the data.

individual submit
2 page written report that covers 1)what were your personal contributions to the design and prototype development? 2) what are the 5 most important things that you learned over the course of the semester?