Color Scheme
Color Scheme
individual assignment
Practice with the basic 6 color scheme technique and practice in selecting appropriate mood colors.
design areas
Your assignment is to design a color scheme for each of two design areas
  1. An accounting consulting firm
  2. A day-care center
mood design
For each of the design areas, take screen shots of at least 4 websites that you think are representative of the design area. Put these four website shots onto a single PowerPoint slide for each design area.

Take the website shots and blur them using PhotoShop or some other program. This should be a significant blurring like that shown in the videos. Not the simplest blurring possible from the first open source app or web page that you could find. Prepare a second PowerPoint slide for each design area that shows the blurred shots.

UI color schemes
Prepare a test diagram that shows text, backgrounds accents and a few sample widgets such as buttons, text boxes, scroll bars etc.

For each design area, use the colors from your mood design to create a simple 6 color scheme using the techniques shown in the video. Note that only the Key color and Accent colors come from your mood images. The other colors are derived from these using the 6 color scheme. Prepare a slide for each design area that shows your 6 colors and shows your test diagram using your color scheme. As you present your color scheme, not only should you show how your basic widgets should look, but also give a small sample of how the entire page might look.

In addition, pick one of the design areas and prepare an additional color scheme of your chosing. You need not confine yourself to the 6 color scheme.

Add an additional slide that describes how and why you chose the colors for your schemes.

Submit your slide deck through LearningSuite

For each design area:

  • 1 slide showing your 4 screen shots
  • 1 slide showing your 4 blurred screen shots
  • 1 slide with a 6 color scheme showing the colors and your test diagram

For one design area a slide showing an additional color scheme

One slide of rationale for your schemes.