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Sometimes we want to create something to draw and then be able to move it around as a complete thing even though it is actually built from smaller things. In the example code below we create a simple face that consists of skin, two eyes and a smile. We then move the whole face to a new location. To make this a nicer example we change some colors and the location. To know more about how to do this see the Color and Transformations tutorials.

public static void main(String[] args) 
		Win2D win = new Win2D("Tutorial",10,20,400,300);
		//Build a simple face with eyes and a smile
		Group face = new Group();
        		//Create a group to hold the pieces of the face
        		//Add the face group to the window so that it will be drawn
		Oval baseFace = new Oval(0,0,5,5);
        		//Create a circle for the skin of the face.
        		//Give this a skin-like color.
		face.add(baseFace);//add this basic circle to the face group
		Oval leftEye = new Oval(-1,1,1,1);
        		//Create the left eye with the correct size and position
        		// make the eye blue.
        		//add the eye to the face.
		Oval rightEye = new Oval(1,1,1,1);
		Arc smile = new Arc(0,0,3,3,225,90);
        		//This creates an arc for a smile.
        		//this eliminates the fill color for the arc so that only the smile shows.
        		// add the smile to the face.
		//Move the whole face to a new location
		face.setTranslate(0, 5);
		win.add(new Axes());

This sample code produces the following view. Face