Program 3 - Many Moving Things

Goal Description Hints Passoff

Due Date - 16 Feb


  • Learn to use if statements to change behavior based on user input
  • Learn to use loops to create and manage many objects
  • Learn to use loops and pause to create animations
 CS 142

You should create a scene somewhat like that in ManyGirls.


  • Create an interesting shape like SimpleFace or LittleGirl. Your shape should be different than these and must consist of at least 4 different primitive pieces (any combination of Rect, Oval, Arc, Triangle or Line). Have phun with this.
  • You should modify your program so that you can customize your shape based on some user input. See CustomizedFace for an example. There should be at least 2 questions that the user must answer and the answers must be strings rather than numbers. The answers must visually change your shape in some way.
  • Arrange 10 to 20 instances of your shape on the screen. The code ManyGirls is one example. You must do this with loops and not by copying code.
  • Animate the entire group of shapes so that they all spin together around some center.
  • Do each step and get it working before moving to the next step.
  • Carefully review the sample code to see how other programs work. Using the debugger to single step through the code will help you understand best how the sample programs work so that you can do your own.
  • Put all of your shapes into a Group so that it will be easy to rotate the whole.

__ 1) Good indenting and use of blank lines to separate parts of the code

__ 1) Good variable names

__ 2) Basic shape is drawn correctly

__ 3) Customization works correctly and has clear informative messages that tell the user everything they need to answer the questions.

__ 2) Multiple objects are displayed

__ 3) Animation works correctly.